Our clients expect their
data to be highly secure!

Cryptelo is a NSA-Proof online cloud solution that has resisted some of the world’s leading ethical hackers.

VSP advokátní kancelář

Dr. Vlastimil Klíma

Cryptelo's lead cryptographer, Dr. Vlastimil Klima led a successfull break of SSL encryption - the standard for online bank security.

NSA proofed

Cryptelo follows the NSA manual for Top Secret ranking. The world's fastest supercomputer could not break Cryptelo security in the time it would take for our Sun to die out.

Safer than ‘Safe’

An additional layer of encryption is provided by SSL, protecting all communications.

Bulletproof data transfer

The combination of AES-256 & EC-P384 is a proven solution to “man in the middle” attacks against file transfers. Only authorized individuals can access your data stream.

Proven security

Cryptelo has been proofed by the world’s leading hackers. Our encryption cannot be broken, even using our source code. Even we are unable to break our own encryption.

Client-side encryption for Zero-knowledge cloud & onpremise service

Data (and metadata) is fully encrypted before transmission.

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