„If someone would steal your data, it would be useless. It's just jumble of encrypted data.“

Dr. Vlastimil Klíma

Cryptelo's lead cryptographer, Dr. Vlastimil Klima led a successfull break of SSL encryption - the standard for online bank security.

NSA proofed

Cryptelo follows the NSA manual for Top Secret ranking. The world's fastest supercomputer could not break Cryptelo security in the time it would take for our Sun to die out.


Our vision is one in which digital information is as secure as the information in a person’s own mind. Human security risks can never be eliminated, but we believe that all systemic security risks have a solution.

A security-first architecture for encrypted data storage, key management, and communication is vital to achieve this high standard for peace of mind, and the proper functioning of free expression and exchange of information in the digital world.

let me know when will the Cryptelo platform ICO launch