Our clients expect their data to be highly secure. With Cryptelo drive the data cannot be read without the permission of their owners. You are protected from industrial espionage, government monitoring, hacking, internal threats, and cyberattacks. You can accessed the files securely from any computer, without specialized software.

As of now Cryptelo Drive is available only for Enterprise customers.

To ask for personalized offer please contact our sales team: sales@cryptelo.com / +420 777 002 483

„We use Cryptelo Legal for fast data share with clients, wherever they are.“
Mgr. Martin Pujman
- VSP law firm

Client-side encryption for Zero-knowledge cloud & onpremise service
Data (and metadata) is fully encrypted before transmission.
Bulletproof data transfer
The combination of AES-256 & EC-P384 is a proven solution to “man in the middle” attacks against file transfers. Only authorized individuals can access your data stream.
Safer than ‘Safe’
All this encrypted communication is enclosed with industry standard SSL as a secondary layer protecting all communication.
Proven security
Cryptelo has been proofed by the world’s leading hackers. Our encryption cannot be broken, even using our source code. Even we are unable to break our own encryption.